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Your UFO Sightings:

Your personal UFO sightings:

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November 28, 2012 @ 10:15pm, Bowling Green Ky USA
Large stationary orange defined lights (approximately 25) in a linear pattern. Stayed stationary for 10 minutes, then 1 by 1 the lights dimmed out. When 1 light remained, the object began moving away from me at a very slow speed. No sounds associated to report. This event took place over the campus of Western Ky University.

Flint Township Michigan 18th November
I was at work, outside. My coworkers and myself noticed a cirle of hawks above our heads. We were looking at them, the air was still; no noise whatsoever. The object entered our view roughly a mile in elevation. It sharply changed vector and took off toward the sky at approx. 3500-4000 miles-per-hour. It was boomerang shaped with sharp edges and had a blur surrounding it; as if it was disturbing the air around it. Estimated 600-700 feet across and travelling at impossible speeds. I drew a picture of it. Will be monitoring for future sightings.' (Pic Originally sent to Mufon)

November 2012 USA
I am not sure what this was and I may never know but I can tell you it didn't make any noise it was very big and just sat still in the air about 1,200 to 1,500 feet over my truck the other night. I pulled over and got out and took this picture. After I snapped the photo that darn thing was gone just boom gone. Never saw it again. 

28th october 2012  Las Cruces, New Mexico
Heading towards El PThe blue orb in the picture is the moon but if you watch closely, you can see a series of one or two "floating" yellow lights that we cant explain. In person those lights were bigger and more pronounced but my phone makes them seem much further away. Tell us what you think in the commentsaso TX

 Eastern Kentucky ( 10 years ago)
I just finished watching a show on the History Channel about UFO's.David Sereda was discussing an incident that involved the shuttle mission on Oct.1 1995. I'd like to report a similar sighting I witnessed from my home in Eastern Kentucky approximately 10 years ago. It was around midnight when I go outside to smoke. I'm constantly looking towards the night the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of falling stars. It was very clear on this particular night when I noticed 3 objects approaching from the East at a very high rate of speed. The one in the lead took a sudden turn to the north, the other 2 made a loop towards the south and then headed back north following the same path as the first one. Before catching up with the first they made a very Quick U-turn and headed back to the south. At this point a 4th object came from the East. When it came overhead the one that was in the north made a turn and came in behind and the other 2 that where heading south made a quick turn and joined up with them. when all 4 objects where close together they made a quick turn to the southwest and very quickly disappeared. This all happened in just a very few seconds, it was very quick and it caught me by surprise. I've spent 8 years in the Military and have never seen any type of aircraft make these sudden moves or move this fast, It looked to be at a very high altitude, no sounds could they appeared as big bright white lights, no shape could be seen or any other type of descriptions, kind of resembled a shooting star but making quick and abrupt movements. I continue to watch hoping to maybe get another glimpse but have seen nothing else yet. I've only told a few other people this story and when i saw your report on the shuttle mission i decided to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!!!!
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