Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Bright Flash Over, Argentina: 30/11/2012

A bright flash was seen over Argentina

Filmers comments:
Friday 30,11,2012 with "UFO Activity They record the abnormal activity of severe abnormalities in Havana Heaven towards 21:18 m at the height of the area Celeste, North "and North West" in the capital of Argentina where the flashes were observed anomalous large magntitud for several minutes, there was also there, minutes before an orbital Lenticular trasa with plotting sheet This "(which generated Confucianism), but later identified as a satellite HST" comfirmado, no visible steps in this evening ISS. Monitoring was continued, pending three starts Flares "Iridium" Comfirmado "If they were" three "(recorded) Mysteriously three minutes after the last pass" Iridium 75 "at 22h51m, was recorded in the same area a Lenticular fourth start "facing a flight on the Horizon" North West ", the fourth start'' could not be identified, however all list checked Above Heaven. TRV HI8 Frames Ware Fire x port. To see star map and original digital paintings, enter Glaucoart report.
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