Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bizarre Red UFO Orb - Moreno Valley, California: 29/11/2012

Strange red UFO Orb, over Moreno Valley, California 29th November 2012
Mufon report: I was walking from my shop in the backyard to my house I looked up in the night sky to look at stars like I always do and saw this bright red/orange circle. I yelled for my wife to come outside and I used my phone to record it. After a minute the light disappeared. It appeared to be going toward outerspace in the southwest night sky. It looked like maybe the fire you would see from a rocket or missile but I checked every web site I could and the only missile that day was in south korea which i wouldnt see from my house. Im just curious if something was launched I live by March Air Reserve Base but I would've heard a missile lift off. The beginning of the video is moving alot because I was trying to zoom in once I did the video is better viewable. Rate this posting:

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