Thursday, December 06, 2012

Massive UFO Ovni Type Cloud - Santiago Chile:30/11/2012

This was recently sent in by a reader. Not sure what on earth it is? meant to be from Santiago Chile on November 30th news broadcast but i can't confirm this. Please comment folks on what you think this is!
If anyone can translate the newscast it would be great - is it simply lense flare, a strange cloud or a UFO?
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Anonymous said...

the title should be giant cloud like ufo. anyone who thinks this is a cloud is crazy.
like a great number of ufo sightings it has a hazy ,out of focus appearance,a bit like a projection or hologram .
an excellant picture

Anonymous said...

I actually think, SOME of these sightings,are "hologram projetions"
either from ET.Technology! or somewhere else, which could mean
they're not ufo; just projections
of ufo.Turn the projection off,and
they DISAPPEAR!!Turn the projection
on,and they suddenly APPEAR from nowhere!!that could be one explanation.Could this be part of

skahooch21 said...

This one reminds me of either the Dropa stones or the STS-75 tether incident, either way it's VERY PECULIAR!

Anonymous said...

The newsman says that the man who took the picture sent it to them because he trusted in them. He does not give any explanation about the picture, just says that this is a lately common phenomenom in the "cordillera" (mountains).

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