Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Again? Volcano Popocatépetl & UFO Ovnis Make News

Yet another piece of news footage about UFOs and this famous Mexican volcano. It seems that UFOs over the volcano have been reported countless times now. The volcano like many others, is a no fly zone due to the danger the volcanic ash poses to aircraft engines (as leads to the phenomenon of St. Elmo's fire) .
 So what were these objects? Can anyone translate this newscast:

Volcano Popocatépetl located in Mexico:
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Anonymous said...

I think they are flying at some
distance "behind" the mountain watching and reading the mountain just as we would do,after all,it is active!!.............

Anonymous said...

They say that UFO enthusiast are admitting that maybe the truth isn't out there . Because of lack of evidence and decrease of UFO reports. I personally think believers are so comfortable with the fact that they do exist that it's no longer interesting going over the same old crap and we are slowly moving on with the subject. Our leaders are so embarrassed for covering up the most important information in human history that to confess and disclose would be like telling your wife you had an affair for the last fifty years! The trust of the ppl ( and your wife) would be void. The true believers don't need to belive anymore , we already know they exist. Just like the first zoo that show cased a tigger for the first time, now we see them and go "0h cool a tiger!" then you just forget the next day how great a tiger really is.

Anonymous said...

Your analogy, is so cool! and I agree:) Anonymous at 10:00PM.

But what can anyone do? if our leaders won't take the tiger by the tail lol:)...or just maybe,the
tiger has THEM cornered!? or maybe the wife is smarter than
given credit.whats SHE been doing
for the last fifty years???:)

Maybe the Government should spill the beans!................:)?

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Anonymous 10:00 PM.
But the evidences are growing fast and there is an increase in UFO reports.

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