Friday, November 23, 2012

Incredible! UFO Light Beam? East Field Wiltshire, UK: 05/2010

This was witnessed at night over a canola field at East Field, Wiltshire using night vision googles. Throughout the night we witnessed many unusual sightings of lights - fields lit up with pale blue flashes - streaks of 3 white lights shooting across the sky and then a beam of light appeared over a distant field. Due to all the activity throughout the night we had hope that a formation had appeared somewhere within the vicinity but as dawn arrived there was nothing to see so we drove through all the possible locations but to our disappointment, we still didn't see any crop formations. Canola formations can sometimes be hard to spot from the roadside so we flew across the entire location just to be sure that we haven't missed one somewhere, but yet still nothing. On the 4th of May, colleagues still out in the field begun to witness many lights which were quickly joined by military choppers. These sightings continued for over 3 hours - I get the feeling that there is a bit of teasing going on and testing the patience of helicopter pilots. We haven't a crop formation just yet but other activity has definitely begun.
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Kibby said...

Sir, we're within safe distance from that mad cow. Don't want to risk our craft from the vicious lil' cow. Ok, beaming.. OH no.. Too heavy.. Beaming... Oomff.... Compensating power......... Overheating. Giving up. You've won this time, cow. We'll come back with battlecruiser to pick him up. Let's hope nobody spots us.

Keep your eyes up and bring your camcorder..

I enjoyed this video a lot more than many videos with speckle of bright dots.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's really strange.. Is it something in the sky beaming down. Or is it on the ground beaming up.. Whatever it is, it looks like it's looking for something. Who knows ;)

Anonymous said...

luvoz said...

I think its just someone with a bright torch shining it up into the clouds ,the night vision probably makes it look more spectacular than what it is.

Phil Upton said...

Slightly strange although I can argue both ways. Part of me says something is there in the clouds. The other says your starlight scope is picking up an Infra red light of some sort or a regular powerful torch of some sort. I traced a similar sighting when I was a cop. Turned out to be a guy making his own lasers in his garage. Had a 4 watt beam pointing upwards. Frightened a lot of people!! That was in west bury wilts.

A lot of military kit in this county. Not just on the plain either. Just a thought ;)

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