Monday, December 31, 2012

Ancient Aliens - The Cover Up

A new article for the holidays while you kick back and relax  - Aliens and Cover Ups
 Why do some people believe that the government keeps reports of UFO encounters under wraps, and what might these cover-ups reveal about our ancient past? For those of you who like the Rendlesham UFO incident, they touch on the dubious case of the hand on the craft and the coded message said to be seen by Jim Penniston.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vid.

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Anonymous said...

I like the story until dude breaks out his seven page binary code that he just so happened to remeber perfectly. Cmon nobody can remember that many ones and zeros unless he is an extraterestral

Anonymous said...

Nice production.. Thanks for posting this. Sadly Philip Coppens, a frequent contributor to the Series has recently died. Rest in Peace and Thank You Philip.

Anonymous said...

Nice production. Thank you for posting. Sadly, Philip Coppens has recently died. Thank you Philip for your contributions and may you rest in peace.

skahooch21 said...

The Vatican owns a telescope!? Incredibly unusual....unless they have knowledge about the universe that they want to keep contained from the public-which they seem to do! It just seems too suspicious and questionable. -Let alone the idea that in the last couple years, they've been saying that they would look forward to baptizing an alien life form.

Humorous as it may seem, it's too vague for a religion to acknowledge the existence of extraterrestrials, let alone the Vatican and the power they possess over mankind.

Anonymous said...

Awww that's sad to hear about Philip Coppens.. We just came back from Egypt ourselves and I have not read my emails.. I'm sure someone has mailed me to tell me the news.. R.I.P. Phil.. Love Ancient Aliens it's really a great series..

Anonymous said...

God love us! yes,the Vatican owns more than one telescope,as incredible as it seems!? It makes me think,that when the church;The Vatican!? prays to God above, and it must be remembered, that God above,is up there!and up there,is out there,and out there, is what we're all talking about,out there in space,its NO wonder the Vatican has more than one telescope,
because there is alot going on up there,yes? and there is alot going on down here,and that explains some
of the sightings seen around the world,but unfortunately not all!!

It might come as a surprise to some,that when the Vatican announced, that THEY were willing to Baptize any extraterrestrials, who wished to be baptized,THEY!the vatican, were I think, referring to WE! the Humans!...but the difference being,WE the Humans,are the OFF planet Humans from somewhere else.Its no different than another Human coming from their country here on earth, but instead, come from another planet
or country on that planet,if they've got one!?

What would the difference be other than they are off planet humans, that look the same as you and I, and is said, they are already here in amongst us.You probably went shopping with one today!?:) and didn't know it!?and thats the Human
species,but the other species of ETs.can't be ruled out either,
although they are a little bit different from the Human.I understand that there are four different groups that come a go from this planet,and I dare say the
Vatican is aware of this,and has been for some time.Hence the telescopes!?I suspect the Vatican
is MORE aware of the bigger picture
than anything we think we know,and desperately scratching for,and if you've never heard any of this before,then I can appreciate your
surprise,I,was once in that spot!?

This is "hard" for anyone,who has thought we were the only ones in this universe.This isn't a bad thing on your part,because we have
all been lied to, by those who wanted us to think this way,and by those whom really "didn't" know,but
kept the ball rolling.So NOW,its wake up time,with REALUFOs!?

Cheers, to the new year! & to its new explorations! in 2013..........

Anonymous said...

Of course the Vatican has a telescope, he is a shapeshifter, reptilian humanoid, just like the journalists, news reporters, Obamas, Bush's, the list goes on and on, check out you tube

Jawed Ali said...

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Anonymous said...

Do you really need this crown of thorns, in the garden of roses.....
Get Baptized!!:)................

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