Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bright Hovering UFO - Texas, USA: 5/12/2012

UFO video sent in by a reader:

.This morning at 5 am i went outside to look for the freaks that come out at night instead i saw 3 very large star-like objects in the sky one west another north and south .they where big bright and 2 of them was coming down and the other one was going straight up.watch video clips of them recorded till light out side.sorry alot of shakiness trying to show u all 3 of them.enjoy and be safe.
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Anonymous said...

I live in texas and have seen genuin UFOS these are just stars and a plane
dont worry we all make mistakes.
i thought some star were ufos too when i first started looking

Anonymous said...

stars don't fly by sorry u need to really pay attention.

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