Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Object over Belfast Decemeber 2009

A possible UFO was caught on camera hovering over a rural area of Belfast. This covert display included beams of light and what looks to be "ORBS" shooting out from the primary object.

Would like your comments on this footage.

Here is the posters description:
"In this video you will see all raw footage from when i hit the record button until i stopped recording. This is unedited apart from the writing to explain what i was seeing. Hopefully you will see the beam in this footage, but i am going to do an edited version to try and show it better. The main UFO was there for 8 - 10 minutes, and the ''thing'' that flies from under the beam was a pure W.T.F!, I still don't know what it was."

"All footage filmed in Belfast at 8pm facing south, the UFO was going from east to west."

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Anonymous said...

definitely something extraordinary. Stationary for a long time, shoving light down.. but who will say what it is?

Anonymous said...

police helicopter using its search light.ive seen this myself and thought i was a U.F.O but relised when it got closer.

Anonymous said...

cool footage, shame about the trees in the way, but still good shot, it also looked like it flashed your way a couple of time's, ;-)

Truth Publicized said...

Nice footage, keep up the good work with the blog

Anonymous said...

I don't know folks. All I "see" is possibly a chopper with a search light going.

Anonymous said...

all this footage shows is a police helicopter going about its business and another plane fly by in the distance ive checked with belfast police for that night and they confirm there helicopter has out on a job at that time..you can even tell by the way the object moves that it is a helicopter of some kind!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was also thinking helicopter the hole way, undtil those balls of lights shoots out of it in the end.

Hmm....duno anymore

Bathtub said...

You've got several things there, but I've no doubt they can all be explained. The first light you filmed is a light aircraft or helicopter. A police helicopter is the most likely explanation for the beam. The light shooting off to the right is a car or other vehicle - it's not in the sky, but on a road and I reckon a daylight film of the same scene would confirm this.

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