Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keep your Ufo reports coming

Im Back after a well deserved break!

So Please submit any Ufo news or reports people as they come in to me!

Thanks -
and Happy new year to you all!

2010 is going to be a huge Ufo Year for sure!

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Anonymous said...

And there's me thinking it was quiet because ET was on holiday!!!

Anonymous said...

yaay Matts back, hope you had a good holiday ;-) On another note, I really hope a lot of people in the new year start to learn more about what the human mind is capable of. There's still a lot of people on this planet still walking around with there eye's closed. This is still a lot to do with society, and that good old brain washing device ie(TV), which still cause's most of the problem, and the powers that be, hide from the population. i've been using this knowledge for 18 year's now, and only started letting people know about this knowledge within the last 8 year's. only cause people just think your a freak, and not meant to be able to do this type's of thing's with, the mind. I guess it's more fear of the unknown. I've have talk too all walk's of life, and religious people as well, (not religious myself) but know quite a bit about it and more. Only till recently 2 people have realized that i'm not crazy, and have finally been able to open there eye's and see the world in a whole new way, they never thought possible. In saying this all, it's not an easy thing to do, unlocking your subconsious mind, but if you can eventually do it, it will be highly rewarding. you will also learn that there is no predicting the future, but we can create it. ONLY and ONLY then People will fully understand what the human mind can really do. Good luck to everyone in the new year, i've personally made sure 2010, will be a very interesting year. One final note before this nutter leave's, i tell this to everyone who try's to get into a debate with me over this (always believe what you believe in, cause it's what keep's you strong and alive) peace out ;-)

Anonymous said...

Can you help me find out more about the photo on my profile on RealUfos?
Allan Wigfield

Alexander said...

Hey guys! December 2009 was a very busy month from what I see! YouTube is flooded with good fidelity UFO videos! The best videos yet! I am sure something big will happen soon, are you all ready for it? Peace and love to you all!

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