Friday, December 25, 2009

NASA lacks funds to monitor dangerous asteroids?

Very disturbing report here:

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Anonymous said...

It takes far sighted people to prepare for an extinction level event (ELE, and we live in a short sighted society. We tend to focus on what's at the tip of out collective noses, the immediate threats, often to our determent. Simply put, unless we are prepared, by the time a asteroid is found that will hit the Earth, it's really too late to do anything to prevent impact. A program of the magnitude required to deflect an asteroid requires years of research and development before deployment. Essentially, we must prepare for the worst before a space object ever resolves itself as an ELE. That implies billions of dollars will be required on a program that might not be needed for 20 years or more, if ever. Can NASA secure such funding without promising some sort of substantial return, other than the obvious? No, NASA can't. It's like a game of craps, our leaders are playing the odds and hoping it doesn't come up snake eyes.

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