Thursday, December 03, 2009

Stranger in moscow ? large triangle Ufo over the Kremlin

Fast forward to 3.30 on the video and you will see what i mean - 24.07.2009 large triangle formation over the Kremlin (russian government) in moscow

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Push Back said...

The Russians that shot down the U-2 plane and are paranoid about what the USA is up to. Are ready to defend Russia of any and all , do nothing even when the ufo's are in plain sight. Just like all other nations on this planet. The lies are a big stink , the peoples of the world are now laughing at there governments.

Sonam said...

Yep! Lanterns

Push Back said...

Yes the UFO'S and the Aliens are here and our governments are filled with lies , and the people of this world are laughing at their governments.

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