Monday, August 26, 2013

UFO sighting over grand rapids Michigan 24th August 2013

Although this footage is poor if you view in fullscreen you can make out the house lights to the left overlooking an area into the night sky witht he bright object hovering above:
Source: MUFON Filmers comments: on August 24th around 2:45 a.m. I witnessed an orange pulsating orb in the sky to the north northwest I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette when I noticed left eye I quickly turned on the video on my galaxy exhibit 4G but the video is not very good I am a US Air Force veteran and Ive seen many aircraft at night as well as growing up near Pensacola Regional Airport in Pensacola Florida I am aware of what aircraft, look like at night from different angles with their lights on and such and I have never seen anything that fits the description of the craft that I saw. this is the second strange encounter Ive had in the last 2 years my brother also had a strange encounter in between Grand Rapids and Hastings where he has a farm. I also have a strange photo from that he took from that evening.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

I hate to gripe but have we completely run through every daylight UFO video? They aren't happening anymore?

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