Thursday, September 27, 2012

UFO Disinformation - Active On Youtube?

I just wanted to remind everyone that disinformation means to "confuse not necessarily disprove".
It is a well practiced technique used in intelligence and military circles, to divert attention away from the real situation by means of diluting and confusing information about it.

YouTube and other video sharing sites have taken Ufology into the homes of anyone with a computer and internet connection. With the surging increase in smart phones and video recording devices, anyone in the world now can simply film a UFO, upload and share it. This freedom of information and online video access previously not available in the history of mankind, has lead to a huge interest in taboo topics like UFOs.

Accordingly, government circles are worried about the power of information sharing in this day and age, where a simple video , blog post or comment shared on social media, can spark mass riots, social upheaval and even the downfall of a government or political party.  Governments have been cautiously observing this development over the last 10 years and are now implementing ways to manipulate the social media to their own advantage, in order to regain any power lost to the internet.

The US government has actually carried out numerous studies on dangers of social media against National Security, with one study identifying blogging on war as an "integral and decisive factor of war propaganda".
In fact, a new part of  National Defense Authorization Act would legalize U.S. government propaganda directed at the American people, with the belief that successful wars require domestic acceptance. (read more). In addition, a recent a Guardian investigation revealed that the US military has developed software that will let it "secretly manipulate social media sites like Facebook by using fake online persona's to influence internet conversations". Link.  This "if you can't beat them then join them" strategy of the US government is now seen as the current agenda after the failing of the SOPA and PIPA internet regulation schemes. If they can't block the websites, then why not infiltrate them? -  is the new idea.

It obvious that the Internet is a serious threat to the traditional power models, and the governments have started to learn about the benefits of manipulating it.  This brings us to the situation on YouTube which which we  have seen unravel over the past few years. Some popular UFO channels seem to be replicating highly computer generated UFO videos, mimicking genuine sightings, copying the classic Triangular Orb formations and presenting these videos as if they are legitimate. (I won't name name's here, but your welcome to discuss this in the reply).

These videos do gather alot of attention, but that is their purpose - to bring in the hits. Often the comments on these videos are heated, with ongoing debate about the authenticity of the videos. Many people reading the comments on these videos often then come to assumption that UFO videos on YouTube simply can't be trusted and the whole topic once again becomes diluted.

The question is - is this disinformation in action, or simply the work of people who spend too much time with video editing software creating good fakes? Who knows...

Another technique seen, is video spamming. If an important UFO sighting occurs and is uploaded, YouTube will be spammed for the week with irrelevant videos with similar key words spammed in that category making it impossible to find the real video. People eventually give up looking for the UFO video after hearing about something in the news or in the area. Also, Youtube videos with ads now generate serious income for the posters, so you can see the benefit it gives to people who sensationalize or photoshop great fakes - more hits basically mean more add revenue. It's a fine line that all bloggers and Youtube channel owners need to consider everyday - should they post quality content or content that will simply lead to more hits and money?

This is the reason why we set up RealUfos over seven years ago - basically to sift through these UFO videos and provide you with the best, most genuine and most up to date UFO sightings, so you dont have to waste your time with all the garbage out there. Seeing is believing and often as a rule, if something is too good to believe then often it is the case!  Use your judgement - be skeptical but never close your mind.

Keep your eyes (and smart phones) to the skies!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That's a superb editorial, Real UFOs--the reason I keep returning. Stay true, stay hungry, stay real--


Anonymous said...

While its pretty much excepted,what
you say,we would like to understand
why it is...that even after Realufo
have sifted through the ufo.videos to provide the readers with the best genuine and most up to date help the reader avoid "waste of time" with all the crap out there.... And I must say, that this is appreciated MATT!

But why after all that,do we end up
with "Chinese Lanterns, Balloons,
Airplane headlights, dive bombing us, as they come in to land at some local skidway":) it because you your self, are not sure
about these videos,so you share it with us, the viewers! to kick up a bit of dust over, and ADMITTEDLY!! someone in the area, will know sometimes? what these lights are.

But for the rest of us, YAWN! can get a bit boring when you can see
it has nothing to do with the ufo. talk in history as it were. Do we really need these videos???
Your consideration on this MATT,
would I think, be appreciated by most here, judging from some comments over the past...........

Anonymous said...

are govt. and others have been researching farseeing,psi,esp,mind control techniques and disinformation for a very long time now,and as far fetched as it seams,an alien race would have done the same and also perfected it,so i wonder, is it possible they are using advanced techniques on a shadow govt.,,from what i hear they have a wide range of psi,esp abilitys....

Anonymous said...

an excellant post on a very valid topic.
i have noticed over the past 2 year that the ufo hoaxers are trying hard to replicate the genuine sightings.
they are certainly leading the gullible on a merry dance.
any genuine video could get ignored or not get the attention it deserves because of these vids and the smokescreen they create.
there is a possibility that a government agency could be behind some of the fakes.
one thing is certain,the subject of ufology is now more of a minefield than ever before and the real information is getting lost in the sea of noise.
xxxdonutzxxx-ndestinationunknown-3rdphaseofthemoon are the longest serving disinfo agents but i have noticed a few new ones have appeared .
the fakers should be called out and the word spread that these vids are no good.

Anonymous said...

EHM, no. you can do in your Time of Life, whatever you want.
Editing or Create UFO Videos for FUN, or take a Head of a Person on a naked Body, or fake Fotos of Playstation 4 or Justin Biber Gayfotos etc etc etc.

What is the disinformation you talk about?
Seems all this Ufo thing make you a little bit Paranoid he?

I made 20 Fake UFO Videos to test my Cinema 4d Programm,nothing special in the C4d Scene. so what?

Anonymous said...

These fake ufo videos are easy to spot.Let them pretend the videos are real,its pretty harmless.Its no worse than the youtubers who steal other peoples ufo videos and pretend they filmed it or the pathetic souls who change the date ,place details and say its a new video ha ha.

Anonymous said...

seems like the fakers are getting defensive lol

Anonymous said...

I think the false ufo film makers will come on the offensive ha ha keep up the good work matt

Anonymous said...

6Matt you website is loading faster, much thanks and keep up the good work. p.s. Please screen out the videos that are obviously lanterns or highly questionable....

Anonymous said...

"xxxdonutzxxx-ndestinationunknown-3rdphaseofthemoon are the longest serving disinfo agents but i have noticed a few new ones have appeared."

Finally somebody talks about these situation...those youtube channels spread fake videos on youtube like the black plage when everybody can see clearly they are fake.

Nemesis said...

Stanton Friedman calls it the 'Cosmic Watergate' while our supposed betters laugh it off as anything from swamp gas through to the planet Venus. Those who have seen the real deal know where the truth lies and will dismiss our supposed betters disinformation for what it is.

Anyone knowing the recent history of Ufology can not be unimpressed by the simple fact that even though 'things in the sky' had been reported for millenia, it wasn't until the advent of World War 2 and the development of the Atomic Bomb that 'things in the sky' turned into a flood of sightings and documented reports that culminated in the 'Roswell Incident'.

What should also not be lightly dismissed is that the 'Roswell Incident' occurred in the only part of the world where Atomic Bombs were stored and rocketship testing was at its height. No other part of the planet had these two technologies in such close proximity to each other.

Would E.T. be interested in that kind of technology? you bet, especially being aware of our warlike history!

And it is important to realize that the American National Security Agency (NSA) which led to the other alphabet soup agencies, such as the CIA, was brought into force just months after the 'Roswell Incident'.

Coincidental? I don't think so!

Because from that moment on, anything that was considered to be in the American national interest was controlled through the NSA and the public have been kept uninformed through disinformation ever since!

Anonymous said...

Specifically!to Anonymous at:[4:15am]...&...Anonymos at: [6:29pm.]

SURE! you can do, in your time of life, "whatever you want" thats fine,yes!?...BUT IF! what ever YOU DO, in your time of life, that interferes NEGATIVELY!with another then thats irresponsible & selfish
in as far as, posting false or fake
videos,that can for some!look real!
BUT are NOT!This is misleading and soooo RONG! It needs to be understood,that these sightings that are being seen around the world, RIGHT NOW!!and thousand of years ago,long before "you & I"
SEVEN BILLION of us!? ever existed
here on Earth.Its NOT funny! or a joke to post FAKE! on the net, nor
does it do the truth in Ufology,
any justice, for which a lot of people are still trying to come to grips with...DO'NT DO IT!...STOP!!!

As for saying,FAKE videos are easy
to spot,and just pretend thay are real..RONG!!!..Why? They might be
easy for YOU!! But for some people
whom are doubtful right at the beginning, and see FAKE on the net
only helps to confirm their doubt
in the first place, and make it harder for the real truth,to come to their attention. How do I know this?..Well I'm one!!..but I'm working on it,and your line of thinking doesn't help me,or others
whom are looking for the truth,
instead of a FAKE GRIN! from a
mindless toad,and let me tell you
this,if you think for one min.that if you know of others on the net: [YouTube] that are doing this,and that in your mind this somehow seems to makes it all OK, and amusing, then everyone needs to understand,that two or more RONGS
do NOT make it RIGHT,when it comes

Either, educate yourself in the truth of others realities, or

Wallow in the lies & deceit of immature FAKERS!!.............

Anonymous said...

One Word..... Thirdphaseofthemoon

Anonymous said...

ppl should create more vehicles to investigate good sightings, videos& case diaries. more shows like in unsolved mysteries series. Ive seen some ppl doing this over utube as well, interviewing the ppl who made videos&witnessed craft. it really helps to gauge truth of the persons story when u see them answer questions about it.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for the work you do. Thanks for everything and keep of the good work! Best UFO Blog on Internet. No doubt.

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