Monday, September 24, 2012

UFO Video In From Albuquerque, New Mexico: 22/09/2012

New UFO video in from Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Filmers comments:
We were leaving for the store when I looked up and saw the moon in the evening sky then saw a bright silvery orb to the right of the moon. I went to get 35mm Camera, Husband took video and we also took 6 megapixel images. I also took some with my smart phone using the theodolite app. The orb was viewed through the scope lens of a Bushnell Telescope as there are no eye pieces for the scope. The orb appeared to have cross section lines that were barely visible from the scope lens. My husband tried to call the MOFON phone numbers but stated that they were non working numbers. My Husband then tried to contact Mr. Burleson of the New Mexico Chapter and left a message. We went to the grocery store and the Orb was sill visible but the lighted reflection from the setting sun had faded and it then gave off a dim whitish glow. when we returned from the store both the moon and the Orb have moved with the earth rotation but they were still relative to each other in the sky. We also looked to see if there was a weather balloon launch but found no information of such at this time.
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Anonymous said...

Saw this too, from the NE side of the city.

Greg St. Pierre said...

I think a hearing aid is in order for the wife, bud. Bud interesting video. Very stationary object.

Joseph Wemhoner said...

get a telescope and you'd have seen it was a weather balloon. It was a really cool looking weather balloon too.

Anonymous said...

The planet Venus I think.

Anonymous said...

It s a video artifact caused by a sun reflection off the nose of the plane--
compare the shape --the "artifact" appears to move right to the nose-disappears then appears to the bottom left-at the exact time the reflection appears on the plane-
Just compare them--they are identical in shape and color--NEXT

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