Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Crop Circles -

I agree with this poster - the media wants us to believe all crop circles are hoaxes but some just aren't!. Crop circles are one of the things no one can really explain, the government say there hoaxes but that explanation cannot be used for some of the crop circles out there.
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Anonymous said...

95% hoax and 5% unexplained other from that, just another smoke screen for the secret agencies, they organize the hoax one's so they can claim all to be hoax's, that's just obvious. They act as if most people are stupid, when they are the one's slowly loosing there control. If this disclosure-project goes through and they release all this information, not to protect the secret agencies, but for the world, please put a stop to it. Most of the public is not ready to here this information, yes I am one who want's to here it, but there are more people that don't want to here it. Over the past 10 years I have conducted my own research, on people that want to know and don't want to know. In my country alone, it works out that, out of 10 people 6 people will just walk away thinking your crazy to talk about such a thing, 2 people will have an open mind and listen, 2 people will actually believe. Try this in your own countries, and you will probably get a similar result. I personally think it should come to a world vote, my best bet will be that people that don't want to know will win. Releasing this information to an unsuspecting world will be catastrophic for man kind, do some research and you will see what I mean. Some things are best kept secret for the safety of man kind. But do agree that these secret agencies should be releasing technology to help our planet heal again, that will be a benefit to man kind. Peace out

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