Saturday, October 23, 2010

UFOs In Cincinnati or lanterns ?10/22/10

Calling people from Cincinnati - did you see these lights yesterday .. did they look like lanterns to you
Here's footage from different people of the lights seen over the area:
The people are freaked out in this first video 10/22/10:

Further footage, different people:

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Anonymous said...

Sure did freak out! spooky time at night,when perception is not the same as during the day.Didn't think they were balloons or lanterns, just adds to the mystery!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me at all.I've seen a quite a few weird lights and aircraft around the Dayton and Cincinnati area. This kind of thing goes on more often then people think it does.

Anonymous said...

this looks very similiar to several other sitings throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

These lights were skydivers with lights on their helments. Explained in this article:

DH said...

Just so happens there was a college football game on national television that night in Cinci'...makes me a little suspicious...

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