Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lake disappears overnight in Chile - was it due to Ufos ?

Please note there is a long history of Ufos taking up water from lakes,
this new report reveals how a massive lake apparently disappeared over night :
A large lake in Chile disappeared overnight, leaving in its place a giant pit 30 meters deep, but placed in dry soil, reported a head of the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF) . It is believed that extraterrestrials or UFOS took the water..because they have been reports of UFO sucking up the water in the lake before:

Conaf requested help from geologists to find out what happened to the lake, located some 2 thousand kilometers southeast of Santiago, the National Park Huemules, as the regional body's chief, Juan Jose Romero, who said that the professionals visit the area in 10 days.
The disappearance of the lake was discovered last May 27, but was informed on Wednesday.
Romero said that a patrol of five officers Conaf in a usual route, monthly, found that the ice of various sizes and does not float over the year in the waters of the lake, but were deposited at the bottom of a large crater.
"They found the huge surprise that the lake had simply disappeared. And we're not talking about a small lake, but rather big and the icebergs that had the lake were usually there, but stranded in the dry bed of what was lake and the disappeared overnight, "Romero told.
He said "the icebergs were quite large and are still there in the dry bottom of what was once the lake," said Romero.
At the lake had no fish because it was water of glacial origin.
The official added that in the bottom of the pit there are huge cracks or cracks. "We do not know what happened, everybody speculates," he said.
But not only the lake disappeared, but a flowing river that flows into the lake, today is nothing more than a simple stream.
"You can walk through," said Romero. The river was about 40 meters wide and about six or seven miles long.
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Anonymous said...

Soooo... the water disappeared, there for it must be UFOs.
I have only one question, What happens when you put a "huge crack" in the bottom of a bowl full of water?
Move along please, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

i think the water just drained back down into a spring a large crack in the bottom what does a ufo need with water?

nick dk said...

"Move along please, nothing to see here"


Endrid.D.Cold said...

Well, if you attempted to "put" a huge crack in the bottom of a bowl of water, it would have long since splashed, overflowed, and otherwise spill itself out long before the magical crack would have had any effect whatsoever. How did the crack just appear at the bottom of the lake?
If it were due to plate tectonics along a fault line, there would have been a "huge" spike on the seismograph, which it did not. When "huge" cracks just appear on or in the Earth's crust, it's called an earthquake. No earthquake, no crack. If this lake were a local fishing pond then it would not be newsworthy -
However, when a massive lake hundreds of ft. deep vanishes overnight, well, "There's something to see here".

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