Monday, July 27, 2009

Weird object filmed in Mexico

New report from Mexico:
Mario García Galván informed me that his cousin had recorded a UFO in Mexico City, an object of great size, very bright and that the video was 8 minutes.
The observation was conducted from Cologne Nueva Santa Maria, where the father of Gabriel (who was on the balcony of the house) told him there was something strange in the sky.
Gabriel says that the object passed just above them, but not recorded because the time was looking for space on your tape, in which he had family parties.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this video!

This is our "classic" UFO seen so many times.....
This type is allways like this,tiny-shiny-green-red-spinny thingy with rotation light on the top.
1. They allways come as single.
2.They are allways SMALL...AND very far in the sky
3.They are allways SLOW !!!!!
4.Man made....germans...Brazil connection?????

Anonymous said...

I think it is very unusual, by itself, that Mexican and Southamerican ufo's all seem to be the same over the last 10 years.Hmmm...

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