Friday, July 31, 2009

NASA to use Laser Propulsion to power space craft of the future

Beamed energy propulsion sounds like one of the crazy idea's Mr Telsa tried to develop but now NASA plans to power future space craft on this technology.

Laser propulsion technology has been under development since the 70's and has come along way since then. Its an ideal way to remotely power a craft and eliminates the need for bulky rockets.

I find it highly interesting that the US airforce and the Brazillian airforce are collaborating on this project together - especially considering what the prototype crafts look like (see below) - dare i mention the words reverse enginering? :

The brightest new news in beamed energy propulsion is that experiments are now underway at the Henry T. Nagamatsu Laboratory of Hypersonics and Aerothermodynamics at the IEAv-CTA in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil.

The work is being sponsored under international collaboration between the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Brazilian Air Force.

Basic research experiments using high-powered lasers are underway in Brazil, with experts investigating the central physics of laser-heated airspikes and pulsed laser propulsion engines for future ultra-energetic craft.

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