Friday, July 31, 2009

Bright Spots on Venus confuse Scientists

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A sudden bright spot that appeared in the clouds of Venus just days after a comet left a bruise on Jupiter has scientists stumped as to its cause.

Venus' bright spot, first noticed by amateur astronomer Frank Melillo of Holtsville, NY on July 19, is not the first such brightening noticed on our cloudy neighbor, said planetary scientist Sanjay Limaye of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This time is a little different though because the brightening is confined to a smaller region, Limaye said. It also came in the wake of Jupiter'sown new (dark) spot, believed to be the result of a comet impact — Limaye attributes the fortunate confluence of the two events for the attention Venus is now getting in the astronomical community.

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markymint said...

Personal opinion: Venus AND Jupiter have been hit by comets/meteors/something, possibly another early message/warning/indication for us humans. Just like the recent news about scientists saying a meteor/comet did NOT wipe out the dinosaurs. Any of 'em considered the fact aliens maybe wiped them out for a more intelligent species? Probably not.

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