Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ufos over Cardiff again 23-11-09

Credit goes to this man who is always out there filming these orbs - keep up the good work!

Posters comments
the famous 2 ufos are back again in the clouds and they actually vanished while they were still in range of shot although they went behind the clouds they never reappeared
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Anonymous said...

yeah... I seen those tandem satellites several times myself !!!

bigjack55 said...

There's never a clear pic or video why is that? we can go to mars but can't take clear pic video why?

Anonymous said...

I have nticed more and more UFO's over the past year. I have also noticed some strange things happening on the face of the moon I am setting up a vid cam soon to show others. there have been 3 dots on the face of the moon red green and yellow all of witch move around eachother and at very high speed the seem to form 1 light and then vanish. has any one else seen these?

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