Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UFO Over Atlanta 13th Nov 2009

Poster comments: Within two minutes these appeared and in a BIG WAY , going ever so slowly above and ever so Bright so that i would not miss. in the middle of shooting , my memory oveloaded and stopped the cam. i had to erase and re-record and still had time to see & record this duo.
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Oxize said...

We need someone with a telescope which can record this 2 bright objects, because the owner of realufo.net posted alot of these video's. Some saying it are Sattelite's, which cant be so bright. I dont know 2 sattelites so close to eachother. It isnt either ISS with some spaceshuttle behind them.

Someone needs to record this with a deep space telescope and show us what is flying over there!

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