Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Did you see the lights at Southwest Cape Coral ? 21st Nov 2009

RealUfos would like to hear from anyone from Southwest Cape Coral - please respond to this post if you saw the lights the other day. Power surges can be caused be solar activity or ufos and this means this may be something other than just a normal meteor shower:

Fox 4 received a flood of phone calls Saturday night around 10pm. Viewers reported power surges, and flashes of different colored lights in the sky over the water.

Callers from Southwest Cape Coral and Fort Myers Beach said they saw the lights flash in the sky for about forty seconds.

Some viewers even reported power surges in their homes, and trouble starting their cars along with the lights. Dispatchers with the Cape Coral Police Department didn't know the source of the lights.

LCEC spokersperson Karen Ryan said 5,000 customers on Sanibel Island are without power late this evening, but she did not know if the outage was related to the phenonmenom. LCEC is looking into it. Crews are on scene working to correct the outage, which could have been caused by fallen trees. We are working to find out more information.
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Anonymous said...

Just out of interest, in South Africa on 21st November 2009 at about 21H00 GMT, the exact same lights were seen, first the sky went blue, a lot of people say it was as bright as Sun light, then it went green and then red?? looks almost the same as the video clip you have, however no video clips of the RSA sighting yet, the local planetarium is stating it was a meteor, somehow don't think so?

Anonymous said...


Go to the above URL for the RSA sighting

Julio Mori said...

I was walking my dog at 10:00 and saw these lights from SW Cape Coral FL. I don't know what it was but I have never seen anything like this before. These flashes of light covered a huge area in the sky and changed colors.

Anonymous said...

Was some big power failure in some sub-station which made those flashes.


Anonymous said...

Interesting! Could be a power outage, but that wouldn't cause cars to not start. Good video though!

Anonymous said...

i saw the same thing only it was this past october, around th 10 or 11th and the flashes of light lasted for at least an hour or more. really wierd.. it was only in one spot??

Cape Coral Barometer said...

Didn't see the lights, but watched the media frenzy and general confusion about what caused them with some interest!


ghostmonk1 said...

i was leaveing my moms house at around 10:00 and seen where the lights were i know the area and the lights were not in the same direction as the island that had the power outage i drove toward the lights from my moms house to my house(still in the cape and only like 4 miles away) we would have passed under them if they lasted alittle longer it happend in the cape coral sky.the news and the power company did a bad job trying to cover up what happend.

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