Wednesday, November 25, 2009

They're back - Ufos over Niagara Falls Nov 23rd 2009

Ufos seen over Niagara Falls yet again - the last time a mass sightings was seen was about 3 weeks ago. RealUfos would like an update from anyone in the area who saw the recent lights - please respond to this post.

Credit goes to this Poster - his comments
MULTIPLE objects over the Niagara Falls area first time was Nov 10th, second time Nov 15th and this time November 23rd 2009. This signting lasted 4 hours this time after it faded in and out a few times, and had 1 amazing climax around 7pm with multiple objects of different shapes appearing
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Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe any video where the asshat decides to make a grand production. :p

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly the WORST "evidence" I have ever seen on here. I am stunned that you even posted this garbage on your site!

Anonymous said...

Get a video camera if they are coming back.

Margaret said...

I live in Niagara Falls and it is only 25 minutes walk from my place to the Falls. I walk down there on a regular basis to exercise. I have seen the similar UFO thing a few times together with my friends at night. And once it lasted for hours as we were chatting just in Tim Hortons on Stanley close to Murray. We came out from time to time to check on it and quite a few people from Tim Hortons came out and screamed at it. Another time it was in front of the store close to the new Casino, we saw it and then told the attendant of the store and he came out to see it too.

It was so exciting every time we saw it. We talked loud to the UFO and asked them to come down. Guys always whistled really loud and even screamed.

It's not anything that is explainable the way it looked and it hovered silent for hours. It is definitely something as metal, reflects lights very bright. When the three beams (normally two of them are closer) of Casino lights swept by, the metal ship looked so bright just like lightning. I am NOT exaggerating. Sometimes it was super bright, sometimes it fades a little. Sometimes the light was very sharp and clear, sometimes it was a little blurry. But every time it showed up, it stayed for hours.

Some people who never saw it posted stupid comments, like reflection from clouds, or some kind of light from high building etc.. I can't tell those people how ignorant they are.

The ship was beside clouds, not clouds; secondly, it was way up high, very high, in the sky and there was no building or tower even anywhere close to where it appeared. Don't forget, it is metal look and it hovers there for hours with slight change, but it didn't stay there forever either.

Those people who don't know what they are talking about or doubt whether the pictures/videos are real or not, should come to Niagara Falls and see it in person instead of making nonsense comments.

Most people don't have professional video cameras that can catch everything clearly. Bear in mind, it is WAY UP HIGH in the sky. My friend and I took some pictures, and videos too, but they are not good, not close to the real thing I saw at all.

I seriously suggest people come to the falls, stay here for a week and go to the area (near new casino) and see it with your own eyes.

I wonder why no scientists are doing their job and give us a convincing explanation about what's going on here.

Anonymous said...

That little prick with the 2 First comments is the smartass I banned from my YouTube site because of stupid comments like these.

I have over 130 pictures and video, showing perspective and local buildings showing they move, theyr'e OVER the high cloud cover, PLUS the HUNDREDS OF WITNESSES on my side just puts negative comments in a LONELY and unsupported place which is unwanted here.

Please opinions from WITNESSES only as well as any footage or pictures woul be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

been there, seen it, recorded it (poor quality) i will keep going back. it is real!! several legit vid's on youtube.seeking use of professional quality night vision equipment for better proof. handeroo

Anonymous said...

Is anyone (like MUFON in the USA) investigating these lights? A guy named Brian Vike used to do investigations in Canada, and he was very good. I think you have very good evidence -- and lots of witnesses! I realize their appearance isn't really predictable, but it would be terrific if someone with professional equipment could capture these the next time they appear.

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