Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scientists puzzled at low solar activity - is this the quite before the 2012 sun storm?

As you may know with my previous posts there is major scientific evidence from NASA that points to 2012 being the year of dangerous solar storms - its the peak of the solar cycle and sunspot flares.

Usually every 11 years (last one in 2001) the sun becomes more violent than usual and lets out alot of strong solar flares which make it to earth. Usually this is no problem as the earth has a shield (the magnetosphere) which protects us but now NASA has found that 1) this coming solar cycle may be the strongest in a long time and 2) our magnetosphere shield has holes in it . Unprotected, a strong solar flare could now make it to earth and could have an unprecedented effect on satellite communications and electrical power on earth.

In addition if earth absorbs large amounts of solar radiation it may stimulate a spike earthquake activity - as the earth compensates for the increase in energy absorption.

Now astonishingly scientists are puzzled why there hasn't been basically any sunspot activity for a very long time. The lack of solar activity is highly unusual and is often linked to ice ages on earth. However, scientists feel the major concern is that this the 'calm before the storm' and may indicate a spontaneous rise to super violet solar activity without warning in 2012.

The implications of lack of solar acivity discussed recently on Coast to Coast:

An analysis

2012 and NASA solar warnings
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Anonymous said...'s the "quite" before the storm. That's all it is. I'm quiet sure of it.

Anonymous said...

So many of the videos on this real ufo's web site have very low audio. I have the audio controls set to max.

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