Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Dangers of the water powered car !

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As you may know i have posted many times on Stan Meyer and his water powered car.The water powered car is a reality and is a practical solution for global warming. Stan paid the ultimate price however for coming forward about his car in the mid 90's. He died in suspicious circumstances only a few month later after giving a Tv interview where he mentioned he was approached by oil companies who tried to buy the technology from him to silence him.
It seems that this technology is a major threat to the trillion dollar oil business and they have gone to extreme lengths to cover this up. It seems that every business that looked at taking the water powered car into production has been closed down.

Even recently the Japanese company genepax who developed a car based on Meyers technology in 2008 was forced to closed down only months after their media press release about the car. You would think a revolutionary car powered on water would gain serious investors particularly during this time of rising gas prices and governments complaining about climate change. Although their website mentions the reasons were financial this is unlikely the real reason - especially when you consider that many people are now making this device from home using manuals easily available online! ... its interesting to note that they also mentioned that they will 'close their website down' - guess they got some major threats!

Luckily the plans from Stan Meyers Device are now available online, you can read them here and the manuals tell you how you can convert your car over to water.
Their 2008 media press release:

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