Saturday, April 11, 2009

The famous Tallahassee Ufo Gulf Breeze, Florida from 2005

Following on from the recent Ufo hunters doucmentary here is the famous Tallahassee Ufo footage mentioned, this is for all the newbie's who may have never seen this:
pt 2

Memorial Day, at home with family and kids were asking about "jet trails" in the sky and I explained what they were and such and that maybe the next weekend we could come out to watch the night sky for falling stars. My daughter asked about a "star" in the sky, and then moments later said it was "moving". I looked back up again and it was not where it was seconds before. The UFO then moved very fast, faster than a fighter jet or satellite passing in a night sky, going across the clear blue sky making a huge number "4" pattern with NO trails or smoke, just the formation of the number "4". The UFO stopped for only a split second at what would be each "point" or "corner" before finishing up what looked like the massive number "4".

Just after seeing this, I'm guessing almost 10 minutes passed before we could get out our video camera, a Canon ES75 with 22x zoom and 800x digital zoom, to catch the scene. I removed some "audio" from the video to protect "names" and other personal information, but the video is in "as is" condition and unchanged. We heard NO sounds from the objects, but there is plenty of "bug sounds" coming from our woods. The "auto-zoom" on the camera plays havoc on the video as it tries to focus, zooming in and out a lot, making for many "fuzzy" shots. The iris of the camera lens can give a sideways "diamond" look to an object as it zooms "in and out", however the close-up does show the object's "real shape".

There was no mention on the local news of anything "strange" or anywhere we looked on the Internet in the following weeks. We never felt comfortable in releasing this until today 03-13-2007. Now because we saw a similar looking UFO video on the Internet, we want to share what we saw. I welcome comments and questions! A very strange object that had to be "large" to be seen at such a high altitude. I'm guessing it must have been 40k or more at times.
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Anonymous said...

Excellent video and genuine.
Some scientific 'authorities' in the field have to investigate and say what it is. But who will do it?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for coming forward! They are here, they know us, and our ways. So, what's keeping them so distant? Something we are, or is it something we've yet to learn?

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