Saturday, April 11, 2009

RealUfos Needs you ...

Hi all,

Hope you have all enjoyed reading RealUfos over the last few years! As you may know we have gained a substantial following since the blog started in 2006 and we have over three thousand loyal readers who return to the site everyday to read the latest in Ufo news! 
Running the site keeps me busy .. I never imagined the site would turn into a daily editorial on ufos .. so i am grateful for our new team who are helping to keep the blog updated daily with the latest sightings.

To help improve awareness of the blog and the Ufo topic we are currently in the process of finally acquiring the more easier to remember domain name for the site 

However buying this site name is from the existing owner is terribly expensive. We are still short of the investment which is required. I am looking for some serious sponsors and assistance to help us acheive our long term goal of aquiring this domain name.

In return sponsors will receive notice on the blog in appreciation for their commitment.  All donations will go towards purchasing this new domain name which we hope to acquire this over the coming months. If you are interested in being a sponsor for RealUfos please email myself. Smaller donations may be made by the paypal link on the right.

Anyways, i hope you have enjoyed the blog so far , its been my aim to only report the most genuine Ufo sightings to generate and continue  public interest in the Ufo topic and Ufology. The best is yet to come and i look forward to uncovering some amazing new reports as we venture through 2009!

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Anonymous said...

Many people are nowadays doing this business--they register probable company names, product names, blog names and so on, which may go for websites in the future, and demand money. I think you need not buy the site name at all.You may think of a slightly modified name for your domain, and that is your domain name. Put that name on this blog and people will visit it. Name of the domain is no matter--the material you give is most important.

AVI said...

this is the bast UFO site on the Internet today!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

9k just for something easier to remember sounds extreme!!

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