Friday, April 10, 2009

Ufo November 25th 2008 in Chulucanas

Poster comments
Ufo 2 was caught on November 25th, in Chulucanas, we were on the top of Horquetudo Hill, it was at the sunset. The ufo was behind Vicus Hill, over a dessert land that ,backwards, take to the spot where Proyecto Ufo caught a similar ufo. It proves it is a route.
Ufo 6 was caught in November too, it was a trip before the first I detailed. We were on the top of Horquetudo Hill, and I and the cameraman had to go down some meters, Horquetudo Hill is about 380 meters high, and the sphere was in the middle of the forest, next to Piura " La Vieja" town. It was after midnight.
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