Thursday, April 09, 2009

Secret Space NASA UFO Documentary

The truth about NASA and Ufos is coming out.. excellent ufo documentary:

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Anonymous said...

How did you discover this most astonishing video? Especially the first part. No other video had shown footage of astronauts like that one does.

We thank you sincerely for all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

An interesting mix of fact and fiction. A good video overall, however. I just wish that the folks that make these films would dig a little deeper and separate the wheat from the chaff. Scott Carpenter's comments about 'critters' was a reference to some illuminated particles swirling around John Glenn's spacecraft, not ET's. (Just watch the film "The Right Stuff"). Also the footage of the Concord and the sphere has been proven to be a camera lens illusion. Notice how the camera moves upwards ahead of the orb. The Gordon Cooper testimony is the perhaps the strongest of all and the most credible. NASA is hiding a lot and one day they're going to look like fools!

Anonymous said...

The second video is a bit sketchy.

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