Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Morristown UFO Hoaxers sentenced !

The following example should serve as a major warning to people who intend to hoax and stage Ufo sightings - you will be caught and sentenced!:

Article is about the Morristown sightings from earlier this year

below extract from the daily record:

MORRIS PLAINS — Two tricksters who created a UFO hoax in the skies over the Morristown area were sentenced by a municipal judge to pay $250 in fines each and work off 50 hours of community service for their antics.

Municipal Court Judge Michael Carlucci told Chris Russo, 29, of Morris Plains, and Joe Rudy, 28, of Chester Township the hoax could have had tragic consequences. The pair’s “UFOs” were made with road flares tied to helium balloons.

Their hijinks on four foggy nights in January and February triggered 911 calls to police. So proud of their work, the two men posted a star log of their activities on April Fool’s Day on a Web site called

Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi said, “Throughout we were concerned that what was now a joke could turn into a tragic situation. It was a tremendous waste of police resources and posed a serious fire threat to homes, wooded areas, posed a significant danger to air traffic and tied up valuable 911 resources.

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firzen1 said...

They got OWNED! :P

MC Onyx said...

Awesome, they should fine ALL the hoaxers with a lot higher fines, so that everyone would think three times before making a hoax... Great news IMO

Jay Michael said...

Yep, great news! But the fine was too low in my opinion. I hope people read this and learn, you hoax, you pay!

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