Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Jan 5 UFO over Morristown New Jersey makers the news

Hey Guys,
The Ufos seen over Morristown New Jersey on the 5th of Jan are now getting quite a bit of media attention - below are a few media reports. If you witnessed the lights yourself or have any photos please reply to this post.

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Anonymous said...

The only problem with these reports of lights is that year after year, it's just lights... I wish someone would freakin' record something mind blowing.

Anonymous said...

ahh someone has to have a night vision camera to capture these things!!!

Anonymous said...
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Aaron P. said...

I saw them tonight(Jan 29, around 8:30 pm), hovering over North Street in Madison, NJ, near Morristown, in a U-shaped formation.

Ran inside, called the police, and they told me that the Honeywell Corporation was "testing something."

Google revealed that Honeywell is a tech firm w/an aeronautics division that has locations in Phoenix, AZ.

Jamie said...

it happened again over my town(hanover township) on jan 17 like 20 minutes ago

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