Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ufo sightings increase in the USA - groups gather to discuss

Apparently Ufo sightings are on an increase in the USA. More groups of people are gathering to discuss sightings (like the New Jersey one):
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Anonymous said...

Haha, seems to have a lot in common with a cult. I know that sounds harsh, but think about it.. Christians were once just small groups meeting in private to discuss their beliefs.. it probably began like a fan club or something.. and for those who say, "That's completely different. They were talking about God and angels and spirits, not aliens, for which there is a high probability of their existence." THAT is NOT the POINT. The point is it's people sitting around getting excited and giddy (aka emotional), losing their ability to rationalize, and speculating about fantasies out their a holes. I'm not refuting the existence of ET, I'm refuting the idea that people think lights in the sky have an extraterrestrial link. AND MAYBE THEY DO! But until there's more evidence, you need to sit your asses down and get a life.

Anonymous said...

Actually there is all kinds of evidents that extraterrestrials exist. Have a look around the internet. Many highly creditable people are coming out into the open with this information now. People from all walks of life, from everyday citizens to NASA employees, CIA members, former presidents and ministers of Security. There's vidio evidents and my favourite is the Billy Meier photos and video's which to this day have never been able to be reproduced. I don't mean to quote a tv show but the truth is really out there. On the other hand, difinitive proof will not be put out into the public because there is so much black ops funding and secrecy surrounding it. Even if a extraterestial saucer was to land on the white house front lawn, do you really think that you would see it on tv? Possibly, but do you really think that the Gov't would acknowledge that they exist... Of course not. They would say what they always say. It was a weather balloon, or it was swamp gas that made its way to Washington or my favourite, It was a trick of light... Just your eyes playing tricks on you. What really gets me is how a lot of people will defend their gov't official explaination when the gov't is sitting on their butts laughing at how stupid the public is to believe the crap that they feed us when they know the truth.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how fast You Tube removes UFO video's...I've noticed that a lot.

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