Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Evidence NASA is lying to us about Mars yet again

Tom Charles Van Flandern (born Cleveland, Ohio, 1940) is an American astronomer who specialized in celestial mechanics. He received a PhD from Yale University and worked at the U.S. Naval Observatory for 20 years. He explains why NASA, aka (Never A Straight Answer)has lied to us about knowing about water on mars in the past - so if they have lied to us about this what other bits of information have they conveiently withheld?. (also interesting to know who comes forward this year from NASA as predicted by the web bots....)
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nick dk said...

Can anybody tell me what it was NASA went 2 the Whitehouse with, instead of release it 2 the public on the latest mission 2 mars??

The discovered something...but i never find out what :(

Anonymous said...

Well, the keep word here is "official". Scientifically, they have to be objective until they figure out exactly what's going on. Even the name "glassy tubes" misleads. It suggest glass structures and domes, etc.. but it could just be interesting rock formations from tectonic stress etc, or it could be some type of super plants/fungus. Point is, if you give an inch, people take a mile, so NASA will not officially speculate until they know exactly what they're dealing with. Otherwise, people fantasize about what it is and blow it out of proportion. I for one can't wait for proof of extraterrestrial life, but I have enough responsibilities right here on earth to keep me busy in the meantime HAHA.

Anonymous said...

In answer to Nick dk;
It was water that they went to the whitehouse with...water on mars.

What else are they keeping quiet?

[email protected] said...

I've done alot of looking at the pictures that NASA has posted on their web page, I'm not sure if anyone has down loaded these pictures and opened them up from your desk top, as you do, don't forget to view things closer by placing your curser first on the x below the picture frame and then moving your curser to that object you want to see closer, then simply by clicking your mouse the picture will get closer to any object you placed your curser on.
With all this said I did this on the picture we weren't allowed to see the one with the wood that looks like railroad ties in the for front of the rover. But this was not as interesting as the white object that is way in the back ground that looks like a white piece of nothing. I went as close as possible until the object became very blurry then I noticed something, I noticed that NASA has deleted the white what ever it was in a box they left on the picture you can see this very well and not blurry, look closer you can see they did this twice. For all of you that has done this, why does NASA and our government not tell the truth in what they found in Space or on Mars. We the Citizens of the United States pay our taxes to the federal Government, The federal Government pay's NASA to continue the Space exploration from OUR MONEY and they lie to all of us in what they find, whats the reason for this? are they afraid? of what? maybe we should stop paying Taxes, maybe we should remind our Government that you have our money, and with our money you have a income with out us you will be homeless, maybe they should be with out a job, isn't it so if you lie to your Boss that you will be fired when it comes to company Money or mishandeling of company funds and lying about it?

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