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' The Day The Earth Stood Still ' used by the CIA to mass educate the public about Ufos?

Just saw the new version of the 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' movie staring Keanu Reeves which is a recreation of the 1951 movie where a humanoid alien visitor comes to Earth with a warning that aliens are monitoring earth and they will destroy humans because of our neglect for the planet.
The 1951 version apparently has much controversy surrounding it, if your into Ufos you will find there are many true facts portrayed by the movie - ( large glowing Orbs, how ufos are infact disabling and monitoring nuclear installations around the world, the fact that aliens are like caretakers monitoring earth etc ). Whoever thought out this movie did have some real insight and information on the real phenomenon. 
Is is a coincidence that the original movie was produced just a few years after the US government learnt about Et's & Ufos with Roswell in 1947 and when soon after Ufos flew over the whitehouse in 1952 ? - it seems as if the movie at the time was some mass education plan to prepare the public for what was thought at the time would be some sort of invasion....
According to Cia transcripts found in 2007 these motives were in fact verified and this is further explained in the below must read article:

trailer for the 2008 version of the day the earth stood still

The original 1951 movie THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL was part of a public acclimation program about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation, with involvement by the U.S. Air Force, according to an alleged transcript of a 1981 intelligence briefing to former President Ronald Reagan.

The transcript, reportedly provided by current and former members of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) through an intermediary, was posted on the internet Oct. 30, 2007.

Reagan allegedly received the briefing at Camp David, Maryland, between Friday and Sunday, March 6 and 8, 1981. Other top advisors to Reagan were also said to be present.

It was claimed in the 2007 internet posting that the briefing was presented by a CIA contract employee who worked within a group of "caretakers" who reportedly safeguard records and resources about the issue of extraterrestrial visitation to, and activities on Earth.
The transcript includes discussion of U.S. Government efforts to both deceive and inform the public about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation.

Subsequently, Reagan mentions stories from his days as a Hollywood actor. "I always knew there was some form of cooperation between our government and the motion picture industry. I heard rumors over the years ... even during my acting days."

The CIA "caretaker" explains further to Reagan. "Well, Mr. President, the first cooperative venture was the movie, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. That was a cooperative venture with the United States Air Force and the movie industry."

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Anonymous said...

*cough* - bullshit

Anonymous said...

When Orson Wells did his radio broadcast of the War of the worlds, the public thought it was for real, and mass panic broke out.
So maybe the original and the recent versions of "The day the world stood still" is a social experiment to see if the public "alien invasion" fear factor has changed.
Or maybe they are just films!

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