Friday, January 09, 2009

Perfect Stone Spheres again! - Now on other side of the world in Costa Rica

This is getting freaky guys ... After my post about the massive stone spheres seen all over Bosnia, someone sent me a message saying these near perfectly shaped stones are also all over Costa Rica (on the other side of the globe). Is this is strange co-incidence or what guys?. Does anyone know what this all means? IS there any relation to 'the day the earth stood still movie' (or am i just getting freaked out!). There's a whole website dedicated to the Costa Rica Spheres here If you have seen any of these spheres in your country please reply to this post. I would like know what their significance is and how if they were made thousands of years ago how in fact they made or no made by man...

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Anonymous said...

It's god's poop

Mikoratee said...

Actually there super old. Those are "the great balls of fire." I read about them when I was little.

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