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Charles the Shepherd said...

Why the Vatican has been hiding this information is quite simple.

The red discs seen over Rome and the one in 2005 over St. Peters Basilica is "THEIR JESUS CHRIST".

In St. Peters Basilica an image of a red disc was unplastered which was plastered over by St. Peter during the INQUISITION.

If you wish to know more and learn how to get these disc over to your location go to

I have sent the Vatican to emails in the last week asking for a color photo of the red disc in St. Peters Basilica.

My blog has yet to be updated, enjoy.

Anthony C said...

I am an american who was in rome that night.. Saw the same formation and also saw the split of the formation soon after... i have pictures and a video, although it is clear it was done by an amature

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