Thursday, April 16, 2009

UFO seen before AQUILA ITALY EARTHQUAKE 6th April 2009

Was it no co-incidence that ufos were seen over the town of AQUILA in italy just 5 minutes before the earthquake struck on the 6th of April 2009 ?.. were they trying to warn the people ? ...or were they detecting some energy disturbance and if so was the earthquake HAARP connected like the chinese earthquake event ? please your comments on this appreciated:
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Anonymous said...

That night, before the quake happened, I saw a video on youtube about the Satanic symbols of the Vatican. I remembered how Rome stole the most important scrolls from Alexandria and how they burned the rest of the library. Then, I have called for Zeus to send them an earthquake right in the center of the Italian Peninsula. That happened around 12 AM. After a couple of hours the quake happened. Next day, I was awed to see that Zeus really listened to my call. To test my power, I have asked Zeus to send hail to the middle of USA. Funny thing, GA and TX saw hail as large as a golf ball just the next day after I asked Zeus to do so.
Next time, I will not be so gentile. If the Vatican does not change it's evil ways and doesn't stop creating religious fanatics, I will destroy the entire Rome, including the Vatican. I hope I made myself clear and understood!

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