Friday, April 17, 2009

A UFO in Tokoroa New Zealand news Apr 16 2009

A UFO sighting in Tokoroa has been causing a stir on the internet. Breakfast speaks to the man who posted the footage online

original video

posters comments
While flying radio controlled model aircraft at Tokoroa over Easter, we took some video and later spotted what appears to be a very fast-moving object passing across the screen.

There were no other aircraft (full-sized or models) in the air at the time and so far we've been unable to identify what it was -- but it was going *very* fast.

The model is powered by a pulsejet (like the German V1 flying bombs). Could this be a 21st-century Foo-fighter keeping an eye on things? :
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Anonymous said...

its looks like a rod.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming up empty here. I don't have a clue what it is, but it was damned fast!

Anonymous said...

can anyone slow it down to frame by frame then zoom into the object?then we might get a better idea of what it is?

Paul Coddington said...

It seems to go behind a cloud - which indicates it is high up.

I would guess it is a meteor. It is about the right appearance and speed to be one.

Anonymous said...

my partner and I have recently ( aug 2009) seen some weird bright light moving irratically in the sky.At first it looked like a star then it started moving up and down, then sideways. It was also flashing red white and orange. we thought maybe it was a helicopter or plane.We decided it was neither, we have never seen anything like that in the sky before so we got it on film, but are unsure where to send it to. did anyone else see it or know what the hell it was?

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