Friday, April 17, 2009

Vertias Show with Mel fabregas - The Best Online UFO Radio show!

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell everyone who may not know that you simply must listen to the Veritas Show with Mel fabregas. Mel does a great job interviewing highly credible people such as Edgar Mitchell, Stanton Friedman on the topic of Ufos. We do have the radio widget on the right of the Blog -(under Ufo radio) Its a bit hard to read and we are workign on that!
Listen to the latest shows here:

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Anonymous said...

Great show, im looking forward to David Sereda. Can`t wait...

Anonymous said...

Well I hope its sorted out now, as the link did'nt seem to give out sound when i tried it!

But Matt is right in saying its a great show!

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