Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ufo over the Whitehouse? 13th april 2009

Any thoughts on this object seen over the Whitehouse? As you may know the whitehouse has a long history of Ufos flying over it..

Poster comments:

I was watching C-Span this morning. Noticed something over the White House. Grabbed my camcorder. It didnt last long. Disappeared. Wasnt a jet. Wasnt a helicopter. Wasnt a star. Wasnt the moon.
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Anonymous said...

looks pretty good but im not sure the stupid ass music blurrs my vision.

Anonymous said...

Really - Talk about 2 ends of the spectrum. A sign advanced civilization shown with a backdrop of primitive grunts and groans from the lower primates.
I had to mute the sound to stomach watching the video.

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