Friday, July 06, 2012

UFO Seen In Wolverhampton, West Midlands UK 5/7/2012

UFO video sent in by a reader. Filmed over Wolverhampton West Midlands in the UK 5/7/2012. Fimler also notes very strange clouds in the area at the same time: Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

We don't buy it!...shaky light all over the place,with still clouds!?
giveus a brake!............

Anonymous said...

laser pointer

Anonymous said...

Low-level aerial lights drifting with the wind direction and making no other maneuvres are always suspect simply as lanterns or balloons.

Anonymous said...

Venus! I saw the same early easterly sky on the same morning from about 75 miles away, same cloud line moving away to the east.

The appearance of the movement is the clouds moving, but object was clearly disappearing behind some of the thicker ones.

I also thought it was a UFO, so I checked a star map ( to confirm it was Venus or not.

I also wondered what bright object above & to the right was (discovered it's Jupiter) and that can also be seen in this vid.

An honest mistake, like I said, Venus was exceptionally bright and visible on the 5th and it had me fooled as a UFO at first too.

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