Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Parallel UFO ovnis over Argentina June 3rd

Another Parallel UFO formation over Argentina:

Filmers comments (rough translation)
June 3, 2013 20:01, is detected Opening a Flare "in the northern sector Midheaven Aires, continued orbiting visible to the north, the Charts checked show no coincidence, the Orbital Attitude UFO event, was Abnormal , showing a guideline re / entry apparent from the East "(although Zenith) across to the N / N / East and a very slow speed. Cheuqueando in Schedules Satellite nothing brilliant time had its way there, below the lists are checked. May and June 2013 are not displaying a remarkable increase of UFO activity "despite Nights" 0 SAT "Nights are not visible where almost none of the Satellite Orbitaciones" but my research relieving schedules follow official lists, so I call them "0 SAT" Heaven and pristine frozen by the winter and yet not look or the SAT "mysteries",
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi UFO fans.

At that speed it's obviously a satellite.

Check wich one it was, with:

Blue skies.

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