Tuesday, February 28, 2012

NASA Soviet dossier- Moon's ufo alien objects analysis

TV video made in 70s (re-uploaded for reference). It is scientific analysis of confirmed pictures and photographs from NASA and Soviet's - of UFOs and others - by well respected foreign scientists.

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Anonymous said...

Why...does the moon not rotate even a few degrees or even 1/2 a degree of longitude every say...100 yrs...500? FAR side of the moon always hidden. Is this a natural phenomenon??? Like a geosynchronous orbit. Too perfectly aligned to be natural?? WTF?? And what happened in Jaruselem last year?? Not a hoax! Many cameras captured the same event. Shroud is a first century holographic image perfectly aligned with scripture. (Let's C-14 date a patch!,..dummies!) A vanishing event or dimensional leap? Many mysteries.

Anonymous said...

Helo i dont know: " And what happened in Jaruselem last year??" what is it?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!..More questions than answers,but I think the questions are begging to be answered:)

The question on the moons rotation
is an interesting one.It does rotate once every cycle around the
earth,with one side always facing us,leaving the other side,never seen from earth..the dark side as it were!?Also the moon is the same
size as the sun, in an eclips!AMAZING!!and all this by chance??
NEVER!!..This earth & its moon, are unique,in its goldie locks zone in astronomy.This is not saying,that there are no repeats,
elsewhere,..THAT has yet to be discovered,but it IS saying, this world of ours, and the moon, are unique & amazing "Dimensions" in
relationship with the sun. All of this,appears to me to be of:

"Intelligent design" & not by chance...CHANCE does not have a deliberate design, over & over!?
Chance falls where it may....

Next question..WHO or WHAT was the
Intelligent designer? CREATIONIST!?..GOD?..before the
BIG BANG?..the cause of it?..and after it?..Scientists don't know what preceded the big bang,and neither do we..so many questions:)

They try:)but I'm not covinced.You
can only go back so far in time,
before it becomes only,speculation
but it dosn't stop us, does it? and
that is who we are,in the enquiring
minds of humanity..with CURIOSITY now on Mars,what's next?...........

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