Friday, March 02, 2012

AWAC monitoring UFO Activity over Kings Lynn UK Thur 01-03-2012

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Awac monitoring UFO Activity over Kings Lynn between 4pm and 20:00 hours, there was so much UFO activity flying around I was shocked. After the last video showed Chem' Trails from these Delta craft, these Delta craft came to show the opposite, and felt Benevolent. There were UFOs checking out the US AWAC and the AWAC checking out the UFOs, very interesting footage. Fake Delta jet planes flying over while the large Delta ship was saying hello to me.
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realist said...

fake planes ? wow thats a good imagination !you can believe and turn anything into something ,some people have too much time on their hands and want to believe planes are ufos to make their life more exciting.two words :actually planes.

Ares Music Download said...

this is awesome and very informative video news. Please keep posting more video news like this, so it will helps us to improve our general knowledge.

Anonymous said...

You might want to check the news before posting these up!

Patrik said...

Why is the rating-module gone? I liked it, gave me a hint what to watch an not! ;)

Anonymous said...

Nutters can't produce proof of real UFO's so now real objects are disguised UFO's. Cheeky monkeys.

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