Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ufo lights in a triangular formation over Venezuela ovnis 2012-02-19

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Ufo over Venezuela ovnis 2012-02-19
Sunday night, I left outside my house at 8:30 pm alrrededor, I live in a mountainous area overlooking the sea, at a time diriji eyes to the front and I could see lights in triangular form were Aali arrested, then comment to my wife and sheit is quite strange because the lights did not correspond to planes or ships, then call my mother who lives nearby and my brothers, who also looked quite astonished the luyces, then take my camera and record some videos and pictures, videos are quite clear. When reviewing the videos on the PC, I could see additional lights were not seen with the naked eye that day, the hard evenyto alrrededor 4-5 hours, in fact I slept and the lights were still there in the same place.All this happened on Sunday 12/02/2012 between 8:30 pm and 1 am

event after seeing the pictures and send photos to several emails from journalists and one achievement on its website documenting everything, even called the airport to see if they had planes or ships, and people from the airport just said everything is normal Rate this posting:

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g0ld3n3y3 said...

Lol, they are just stars being normal, your just moving the camera to give the illusion (badly)that they are moving

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