Friday, March 02, 2012

Strange ufo lights over tijuana mexico Feb 22nd 2012 ovni

Anyone in Mexico have any idea what these ufo lights seen over tijuana mexico on Feb 22nd were?:

OVNIS 22 FEBRUARY 2012 ALAS 8:46 PM Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

In my book, this video holds the prize, for an interesting night time shot!

Freeze frame, on the clearest frame,- magnify! - add a bit of light! or what ever! and what do you see?......Ours or ETs?

Doesn't matter! either one, is an interesting ufo.

[Diamond shape!] one I saw, with small dome on top, what do you think?...Airplane!...Nooooooo!:/
Lanterns!...What? moving around like that!?..........

Mika Halonen said...

All I can say (and remember) is that somebody is hitting a dog very much. This bastard should be killed and raped by dildos.

Anonymous said...

If this is in Mexico looking north Towards US, it's most likely high altitude flares. Remember seal team training is in the area and they are required to H.A.L.O. I've seen this in person, up to five flares at once, they seem to Defy gravity.

Anonymous said...

Your comment sounds a bit extreme
about the dogs owner, MIKA!?

Too bad if you were the owner!:/

The dog just wants attenion or a good bone, to keep it quiet, not rape & kill the owner!... What are you????


As for the high altitude flares:

Well! how do you explain,seeing a Diamond shaped DISC, with small dome on top?...have you not magnified a frame or frame's in this video yet?....Nothing like a flare! in my opinion!!

Of cause, you are entitled to your opinion, and I respect that!!

but FLARES!?:)

Anonymous said...

Ya poor doggie! All I can hear is that poor puppy I hate pple who hurt animals!

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