Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Cannock Chase UFO sightings UK

People in Cannock Chase in the Uk saw a huge triangle Ufo on Sunday
Extract from this article about the recent sightings over Cannock Chase:

“We were all enjoying the barbecue when we saw this light in the sky,” Vicki said.
“We were just astounded and could not believe what we were seeing.
It seemed to just hover there.
“I can only describe it as having a white light, with what looked like a white flame inside.
“There were nine of us at the barbecue and none of us could believe what we were seeing.
“We had never seen anything like it before.”
The 38-year-old said the group watched the object for minutes, before it sped off.
“It just went across the sky and behind the houses. To tell you the truth, it freaked people out.
“I just want to know if other people saw it and if they can help us find out what it was.”
Another resident, who did not want to be named, said he spied strange lights flying in a triangular formation near Hatherton over the weekend.
“They were just hovering in the sky,” the man said.

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matt turner said...

cannock people are so thick, its just chineese lantterns that people are letting off to pull there legg. stupid tight fisted cannock idiots

Anonymous said...

i love the fact you call people from cannock thick, then make loads of spelling mistakes. real smooth, clever dick.
iv seen lots of chinese lanterns in the area over the years, but im yet to see anything there out of the ordinary. i must be looking in the wrong spot!

Anonymous said...

i was taken when i house sat , in cannock wood . no joke

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