Friday, September 05, 2008

Demonstration in support of Gary McKinnon at the Home Office

Hey Guys,
Thank-you to those who attened the rally in london recently for Gary.
There were a large group of supporters there at the home office doing what they can for Gary's desperate situation.

Here's an extract from an article on the rally:
Gary's parents and girlfriend joined supporters in London for a demonstration outside the Home Office, calling on the Government to prevent him from being handed over to American authorities.

Lucy Clarke, who has been with Mr McKinnon for the last three and a half years, said: "He is a broken man - he is distraught and very scared. All we can do is wait. The whole family has been living in terror."

Here's a recording of the rally:
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Anonymous said...

go to prison you need to quit spying on us you limey

Hezekiah said...

He's exposing the truth! Nothing wrong with that.

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